manusia di dalam :)

Mai mai, beli beli.


Its Ekaa in the houseee.
So, I was just done baked the red velvet cupcakes. Sodap ceq habaq hang. First time dah berjaya. alhamdulillah :)

Act I want to show uolss a picture of my cupcakes, but this iPad could not connect with my blog and I dont get it what it says about privacy settings blablabla.

So why dont you guys just click this link to view my pictures.

So, I am baking this becauseI want to give to my sisterand my aunts as a sample to sell it to their friends at the office. Mahal jugeklah modal nya kan. Terbang duit aku. But its okay, we have to take the risk.

So I sell each RM2. Aku tak tahu kenapa terasa mahal padahal  ramai yang ckp sgt murah. Whatever it is, sapa cakap murah kena beli. Once you said, you have to buy!

By the way, aku jual pavlova juga, dua biji dh terbang masuk dlm perut pembeli. So ada lah duit nak shopping online sikit kannnnn. I sold it for RM35. Its worth it okay uolss. Sebabnya sangat sedap!

Alhamdulillah ada lah duit sikit sikit dalm poket buat beli baju 35 hinggit :)

Tips for the students yang baru lepas spm, just try to figure out some ideas to do a business. At least, u can have some moneys untuk berjoli joli dgn kawan kawan. Am i right? Hee :) just try.


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  2. Mesti sedap kan red velvet cupcakes yg kak eeka buat ... Pavlova pooooon ... Hehehe ... Yummy x3 ^^~<3

  3. Oh, haha, tak rasa lagi dh kata sedap, bagus bagus :)