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Why they could be a better person

Sekarang 0803 and its Saturday okay uolls.

So what I am doing right now is laying on my bed and blogging with my iPad. Act its kinda hard to type with this iPad, but what can I do, I dont know where is my laptop. Hmm.

So, what i want to share is..

Bila kita tengok orang yang jauh lebih baik dari kita, akan ada En Cemburu datang sekali menyibuk kan? *this is what i feel, tak tahu lah anda bagaimana.

So, once dah cmburu, a lot of things will be in my mind such as..

"Hmm, bestnyaa dia jadi baikkk dah, aku?"
"Kenapa dorg boleh berubah"

See, a lot of negative thinking i have. Suddenly I realized,  why not me?
They had their past, so do I. They did the wrong things, so do I. They chose the wrong way, so do I. They changed, why not me?

I always want to be a better person, siapa yang tak nak kan? Cuma effort je yang membezakan kita boleh berubah atau tidak, isn it?

When i was at MRSM, i was surrounded by good people, so i was enhanced to do a good thing. But  now, I'm at Kuala Lumpur, bandar besar, so I have to go through a bigger challenge. For this 3 months, sometimes aku buat benda yang tak sepatutnya aku buat. Even that time I realized that was totally wrong.

Then, i will regretted with my self. Hmm, and that time i will try to find the right way.  Then i did the wrong things again, and i regretted and i find the right way. So dia macam satu circle, once dh buat salah bertaubat balik.

Sometimes, I wondering, all of these good people ada tak circle macam aku, I dont think so. But who knows right?. Iman manusia naik dan turun, bukannya naik semata mata atau turun semata mata. Thats what i learned at my school.

So, konkulasi nya, i will try my best to be a better person. And try to stand from doing the bad things.   Ask my friends and my family to be with me to find a right track. And insyaallah, we will meet at Jannah. Amin.

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